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The Last Days of a Genetic Engineer


The world ended that day. Yet the fatuous humans were unaware of the reasons why, even on that very last day.

In the era when seasonal changes were still seen and felt in Japan, the ethical rules of genetic engineering were strictly controlled and seen as part of the divine.

When genetic engineering developed to the point of being able to decipher the genetic information of all living organisms and then manipulate that information at will, the technology contributed to solving crises in food and energy supplies along with other global problems.  Humans adopted this technology willingly in the name of progress and were no longer afraid of entering the divine realm.

Genetic engineering enabled the prediction of hereditary diseases which could be prevented and cured with changes to health and lifestyle conditions. Humans were led to believe that adverse conditions could be overcome through conscious effort, education, and discipline. The future was no longer seen as something to dream about, rather something that was predetermined.  As a result, people lost their will and zest for life.

Artists, musicians and religious devotees refused to believe what they were told about their genetic information.  However, the masses found it pointless to seek hope in a predetermined future or faith in god’s miracles. When people realised that the seasons in Japan consisted of only deluge and drought, their minds atrophied as creativity disappeared from the world. From that point on, the decline of humanity was almost instantaneous.

Some politicians and authorities endeavoured to preserve their genetic information in order to build hope for the dying next generation.

As one of the leading researchers in the field, I was asked to donate my genetic information. I refused this request because it is possible that I would be resurrected with no memory of my past and in another era which may not even be a civilization.  It is a terrible nightmare that I do not want to experience.

My legacy during these final days of our world is to preserve my genetic engineering research which will serve as a reminder of humanity’s foolishness and hubris.

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